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Your money will be used to buy bananas. To be distributed to more than 2000 hungry monkeys

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The monkey is a symbol of Lopburi.

Having been priceless for a long time, the entire province is estimated that there are at least ten thousand monkeys scattered throughout the province.

In 2013, the Lopburi Provincial Livestock Office released a publicly available pamphlet that all monkeys exist in Lopburi Province.

9,193 units in the old city area, 2,165 units, in Tha Wung district, 2,700 units in Ban Mi district, 1,603 units in Khok Samrong district.

6 in Chai Badan district, 2,00 in Lam Sonthi district, 201 in Phatthana Nikhom district, 518 in only Phra Prang

Sam Yots in the old town, there are 1,154 in Malai Rama cinema 463 buildings, 298 commercial district, 250 Manora market.

Now, the monkeys suffer from food shortages. Because the country's economy is not good There were fewer people coming to feed the monkeys. Causing the monkeys to starve and disturb the villagers in the city

You can help donate to buy monkey food here. We will take your collected money. To bring to buy bananas and lots of fruit for monkeys every week.