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Luxury holidays in Khao Sok are full of nature and adventure and what better way to see the area. Trekking through jungles where vines are wider than tree trunks, and the canopy is full of birds such as the Hornbill will really transport you to a different life and help you to switch off.​

2 days 1 night Trip Khao Sok

You’ll be immersed in everything that Khao Sok National Park, the tour also includes a day stay one-night traversing Cheow Larn Lake and journeying through the mangrove swamps. Explore this ancient location from the water in order to truly appreciate the vastness of the mountainous rainforest.

3 days 2 nights Trip Khao Sok

We recommend our Family Packages , an ancient form of transport in Thailand. The jungle comes alive as the sun sets over Khao Sok, making it perfect for a Night Safari. Our expert guides will lead you on a 2-hour hike through the jungle, introducing you to the amazing animals that call it home. Explore Cheow Lan Lake with our 2-day, 1-night tour. You'll hike to Pakarang Cave, swim, canoe, explore caves, and go on a morning wildlife safari. Relax in a floating bungalow that blends in with the natural surroundings, and enjoy a delicious dinner of fresh fish from the lake. An unforgettable experience!


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